Saturday, May 2, 2020

Friends of Unity May Blog Hop ~ Favorite Angie Girl/Guy

Hello, friends! Welcome to our May Friends of Unity Blog Hop!

Our cue this month is sure to be everyone's favorite as we all absolutely love the Angie Girls and Angie Guys line of stamps with Unity Stamp Co.

I have so many favorites, but decided I had to narrow it down. So I chose a favorite Angie Girl and a favorite Angie Guy.

Sawyer Guy is by far my favorite Angie Guy. Of course he is made in the image of and named after Angela's very own son Sawyer! Sorry Brian Guy, you are a close 2nd favorite now! ;)

This card is a requested recreation to a card I had made in February. I love it. You can see the original Sawyer card here. The two cards are very similar yet different. I would love to know which is your favorite of the two!

 This next card is  Beatrix Girl and she is very special to me in two ways. A year ago yesterday, Angela invited me to become a member of her Unity Design Team and Beatrix Girl was my the first card I made using my new DT watermark. Also, I emulate her entirely when I am in my natural element at our farmhouse in Arkansas. I love everything about this image!

You can see the first card I did using Beatrix Girl here on my Instagram. I just realize I colored her almost exactly the same. Love it!! I sure have gotten better at grounding my images since I first created with her!

I would love to know who your favorite Angie Girl/Guy is!

This weekend Unity Stamp Co is celebrating 12 years! In honor of Unity's birthday celebration, there is a fantastic flash sale and the most incredible new releases with an introduction to a new stamp designer. I encourage you to visit Unity for the new releases. Also, help me in congratulating my friend Sandhya for her absolutely beautiful new releases. In both rubber and digital stamps!

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Bobbie Sue

I hope you have a chance to visit each blog. I know they are all equally as wonderful and unique!  If you've not, please see the blog hop list at the bottom of this post and prepare to be inspired!

There are some pretty awesome giveaways with this hop! Including one from myself! Be sure you comment on EACH blog post to be entered in the drawing.

This months winners will be announced during next months blog hop!
(I have a feeling you will comment anyway as a way of support and admiration to the artists.) Speaking of winners! The winner from my April FOU blog is JoAnne Victoria! JoAnne, thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting sweet sentiments towards my creations! Message me here please so I can get your winnings to you!

Friends, please know that our hops are not sponsored. (Although, I know Unity Stamp Co. lovingly approves) Because your support is so valuable and so appreciated, prizes are given from the creators own private stash of Unity stamps.

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  1. Beautiful cards. I too pick the same colors for certain Angie girls.

  2. Yes, Sawyer would be my favorite as well. I see you like the Sawyer stamp, as your water coloring is outstanding. Shading on all cards are spot on.

  3. Roger guy is my favorite and my favorite girl has to be Shiloh Girl! These are both so awesome! I love the way you colored Beatrix. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great cards. Love your colors and all the shading. Sawyer guy is my favorite guy as well cuz he reminds me of my son. As for the girls, I have too many I love to pick a favorite 😃

  5. Beautiful work, Bobbie Sue! I really love your card with Beatrix girl. I think that’s something I need to focus on is better grounding of my images. I couldn’t pick a favorite Angie Girl to save myself. 🤦‍♀️ I also realized I need to go snag a Sawyer guy because I’ve missed him somehow. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration.

  6. Love your coloring. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite! Angie girl or guy. Great job!

  7. Bobbie Sue both cards are spectacular! Thanks for always inspiring us!

  8. Your coloring is so fun to see! I like both of your cards and also the other Sawyer Guy card you linked to. Of course, I like all of the AngieGirls and Guys so picking a favorite is so challenging. I would say Harmony Girl and Esmerelda are a couple of go to's for me.

  9. Oh your Sawyer guy looks amazing!! No way to choose!!
    Beatrix girl!! Ahh, she is SO you!! I love your color choices on her! The card is so beautiful!

  10. Ohhhh... I love Sawyer Guy!!! Both of your cards with him are amazing!And Beatrix Girl is one that makes me think of you! I loved your card for your Unity DT debut and I adore your new one! Gorgeous!!

  11. Both cards are so amazing - wonderful colouring too

  12. Bobbie Sue these are both gorgeous cards... thank you so much for sharing!!!

  13. Stunning cards, gorgeous coloring and love both designs. I love Beatrix better, but probably just because I like more girlie things. lol

  14. Let’s hear for the boys😊 always like your cards

  15. Love your cards
    and I also like
    the Sawyer Guy!
    Carla from Utah

  16. Both are great cards - your coloring is so beautiful! I've now added Sawyer to my wishlist :-) My personal favorite Angie Girl has to be Brooke - with the wineglass in her hand, she just fits me & my friends!

  17. Great cards!!! I looked at the other Sawyer card and am not sure which I like better... the other one has more light and this one more shadow but otherwise may I say they are equally great! You have colored Beatrix beautifully ... love all your earth tones!

  18. Fantastic cards! I love your coloring! I'm looking for to Sandhya's stamp designs she is so sweet and creative!

  19. Incredible coloring! I LOVE them both!

  20. I love both cards. You did a great job on both!

  21. Awesome cards, my friend! Your coloring is amazing. Thanks for the reminder, I need some "guy" stamps. And Beatrix is just beautiful. Just lovely cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. I have not invested in any of the guys yet, but I will have to add some to my wish list.

  23. Your coloring is absolutely amazing Bobbie Sue!

  24. I like these new versions of your cards with Sawyer and Beatrix. Hard to pick a favorite Angie girl/guy.

  25. so loving these Bobbie Sue.. you make such beautiful cards.

  26. Beautiful cards! Your coloring always amazes me!

  27. I love everything about these cards. The coloring, texture and movement is wonderful! Just Beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration and please continue to stay safe!

  28. Awesome cards! Glad to see the inspiration with one of the guy images! I have a few favorites... Esmerelda Girl is one of them!

  29. Love these both! One of my favorite angie girls is Bryna girl.

  30. You are so talented, my friend! Love these cards!

  31. I love both of these my friend! Your cards are so beautiful!

  32. Both of your cards are wonderful, as always!