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Friends of Unity Blog Hop January 2019 ~ "New Year"

Happy Blessed New Year, friends!

Welcome to the 1st "Friends of Unity Blog Hop" of 2019!

 I have been so excited for todays blog post as our January cue was aptly named "New Year".  As soon as I read this months focus I knew I wanted to create regarding the upcoming new year, and not necessarily the celebration of New Years. This coming year is an especially exciting and sentimental one for me as I journey to 50.  I'm purposed on claiming encouraging affirmations over my life and am creating a series of tags, cards and card calendars in hopes to inspire others the same!

(If you've not seen my first series entitled "She Believed" I encourage you to follow this link. I do believe it will inspire and encourage you!)

One of the many things I love about Unity Stamp company is their diverse collection of sentiments. If you are unfamiliar with Unity Stamp Co. I encourage you to follow this link and browse their inventory. (This is not an affiliate link. I am just a very dedicated consumer!;)

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see how you can win some brand new Unity stamps!
This first series I created is entitled "Affirmations". I have been making foldable calendars for a few years, but this year I decided to simplify the design by making it an A2 card style. I plan to adopt this style for the coming years!

Each card calendar has an affirmation of truth that can be displayed all year long as a constant reminder for you to keep believing and pursuing. Another reason I chose the card style is for the recipient to write, on the inside, a letter (to themselves) of promises, affirmations, declarations, goals, dreams etc. that can be revisited throughout the year as encouragement. Or perhaps the giver could write a letter of encouragement to whom ever they gift the card calendar.
These are the cc's I made to send in some of my Christmas cards.

Many of you have seen these posted on my social media.

If viewing on your phone I encourage you to click each photo to get a more clean picture. :)

This next collection of cc's I made specifically for the blog. I absolutely love them all (including the 9 above) and pray they blessed who I gifted them to!

This first sentiment is from Anna Girl. Tulia Girl also has this sentiment in a different font and style. To me this Mother Teresa quote speaks of compassion, acceptance, and giving of ones self. I pray to be this daily!

This sentiment is from the Donna Downey sentiment set appropriately called "She." If you do not have this sentiment set I encourage you to put it on your wish list. It is empowering!

I must apologize for this specific sentiment stamped in blue is not from Unity. However, Unity does have this sentiment in a Phyllis Harris set called "Faith Looks Up". I have this set and am not certain why I didn't use it.

Next is a peak into a card series I created for the new year simply entitled "New". Have you ever put much thought into the word "new". Something of recent origin, having but lately come into, fresh or unused, other than the former. Think about it. And don't be afraid to start something new, adapt to something new, or even become someone new.

The moment I saw this incredible woman image, on a beautiful card Dawn made, I knew I had to have her. I just love her so very much. She is from the June 2014 KOM. She is unnamed. In this specific creation I call her Alise. The name means noble, and goes perfectly with her countenance. (To pronounce her name ~  begins with short a sound and the i has a long e sound)

I masked off her head, face and neck so that I could stamp the butterfly over her without covering her face. I have plans to mask a few so that part of the butterfly appears to be behind her. The butterfly is from the 2017 KOM.

(I have several of these in the works in different hair color, butterfly color etc.)

The next series I created is a tag series entitled "Beautifully Made". I believe the essence of beauty first begins on the inside. I love all of the unique and interesting qualities that come with individuality. Which is what draws me to the Angie Girls & Planner Gals. It is one of the MANY reasons I love the faceless beauties created for USC by Angie Blom. Another reason I love them is because they can be whomever you want them to be.

I've included photos of 4 completed tags in this series and a photo of several more images that will be a part of this series. I struggled with the design of the tags. I wanted them to be more eye catching with more layers. Although they did not turn out as I envisioned, I am pleased with the outcome. After completing the Planner Girl ATC's I placed on the front of the tags I wondered how they would look if I antiqued the edges to give it a vignette feel. I'd love your opinion.

The sentiment I am using on each of the tags is from a Tierra Jackson winter stamp set called "Unique". It is stamped on vellum then wrapped vertical around the tag and tapped to the back side. I must say that this sentiment is one of my absolute favorites. I encourage you to remember this and claim it!  (The word beautiful is from a Planner Gal set called "Be This".)

This first beauty is the "Be This" Planner Gal. I have named her Naomi. Which means pleasantness-friendly and considerate. Oh, how I love that. Isn't she beautiful!?

This next beautiful Planner Gal is from the "Loving Life" set. I have named her Ellie. Which means shinning light, or the most beautiful woman. I agree, she is quite beautiful.

This next unique beauty is from the set "Be This". She is named Adira. Which means strong. I imagine strength runs deep within her. (To pronounce name ~ both a are short, the i has the long e sound, and the r rolls into the short a.)

This next Planner Girl is from "Call it a plan". Her name is Faith. She embodies the virtue of faithful. I love that Angie left the book in her hand plain and untitled. We can assign it any title we prefer.

I'll be working on these as part of the Beautifully Made tag series. I may vignette these to see how it would look!

I hope that you enjoyed the creations and text of this blog as much as I did creating it.

I'm curious if any of you noticed on Planner Gal Faith that I modified her blouse. It originally hung off her shoulder. I just lifted it up a bit for her. ;) I no longer shy away from most stamps that do not fit my modest lifestyle if I am able to properly modify the clothing. Don't be afraid to modify your stamps, friends! I promise you the artist does not mind. ;)

For those of you who fully read my blog, I thank you so very much. I love being able to express myself through creating and writing, and I love sharing both with you. 

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As always~

Thanks for spending time with me today!

Until next time~

Be blessed, friends!

Bobbie Sue

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