Thursday, July 19, 2018

Welcome and favorites!

Hey you! Welcome to my very first publishing! I have been juggling with what I want as the subject of my first post. Do I stick to the subjects of faith, family and paper crafting? Do I introduce myself in greater length? Should I be transparent and share from my heart? There is always a risk involved when publishing anything on line. You become vulnerable and subject to criticism, and judgement. It seems easy for the reader to claim ownership of your writings and you're picked apart for your grammar and misspellings, for your views and opinions.  My hope is that anyone visiting my blog would simply appreciate my efforts in sharing a part of who I am and embrace my personal space as I give you a glimpse into my beautifully blessed chaotic and crafty life.

Let's start with (and perhaps leave it at) my favorite creations so far of 2018! 😊
{They are in no particular order.}

Until next time~
Be blessed, friends!
Bobbie Sue