Saturday, April 4, 2020

Friends of Unity April Blog Hop ~ Sketch Challenge

Hi, friends!

Welcome to our April Friends of Unity Blog Hop!

This months cue is a sketch challenge! I love sketch challenges, but rarely do them. How fun these were to create from a sketch idea!

Below you can find a photo of the sketch if you would like to play along with our challenge this month. And I hope that you do! As a matter of fact, for those of you who do play along using any Unity Stamp Co stamp and tag me in their post, I have a separate give away for one of you!

This first card is completely inspired by those serving us on the front lines as we combat this current season of life we are in. My prayer is that it will bring encouragement and offer gratitude.

I love this heart with the intertwined branches and beautiful foliage from a Graciellie Design set called "Here's to love and friends". The sentiment is from the May 2016 Sentiment Kit called "you can and you will".

Forgive the dullness of the photos. I had little light to work with.

I had fun just being free to allow the background to flow and create on it's own! Can't you tell! Hahaha!! After I was done with the messy background I splattered white paint on both the panel and the bg letting if fall where it pleased. ;)

I try to purchase nearly every sentiment kit. There are so many sentiments (and a few images) included in every single set that can be used for so many occasions.

The flower stem, (I have even used them as leaves), and sentiment I used in this next card are from the October 2018 Sentiment Kit called "I am with you" designed by Graciellie. This kit is absolutely beautiful. One I encourage you to have in your collection. 

I love smooshed backgrounds and images like these look fantastic popped up on top. I use a sandwich baggie with distress inks for this smoosed background. And of course I love adding a bit of paint splatter!

My hope and prayer is this verse from Exodus will replace fear with hope and faith. I will be sending this card to offer a glimmer of hope to someone struggling to see past what our world is facing. 

It is hard to know what to say in this present hour. If I can offer any amount of encouragement it is that my own hope and faith still lie in the one I draw my strength from daily. My Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. He never promised their wouldn't be trouble, He promised He would always be our strength in times of trouble. 

As always~
Thanks for spending time with me today!

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Until next time~

Be blessed, friends!

Bobbie Sue

I hope you have a chance to visit each blog. I know they are all equally as wonderful and unique!  If you've not, please see the blog hop list at the bottom of this post and prepare to be inspired!

There are some pretty awesome giveaways with this hop! Including one from myself! Be sure you comment on EACH blog post to be entered in the drawing.

This months winners will be announced during next months blog hop!
(I have a feeling you will comment anyway as a way of support and admiration to the artists.)

Friends, please know that our hops are not sponsored. (Although, I know Unity Stamp Co. lovingly approves) Because your support is so valuable and so appreciated, prizes are given from the creators own private stash of Unity stamps.

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Forgive any grammar mistakes you may find. However, I am always open to friendly and constructive criticism or correction. Please know, I write my blog out of absolute enjoyment and do not stress over possible minor errors within. I appreciate you, friends! 


  1. WOW!!!!!! I love both of these! Both cards are so beautiful! You can never have enough splatter!

  2. Beautiful cards!
    Love the bright
    Carla from Utah

  3. Both of your cards are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you, not only for the beautiful cards but also for the beautiful message of hope!

  4. Oh Bobbie Sue, these cards are so wonderfully made! The splash of color, the images and sentiments! You really do know how to pull all of it together for the most awe inspiring looks!

  5. Bobbie Sue I love both of your cards, and seeing the heart wreath popped up (with the center intact) clicked in my brain, I will be trying that, soon. Thanks for consistently sharing your faith, all of our hope is in Him! Blessings to you during this most unusual Easter season.

  6. Beautiful cards! That heart wreath brings back memories of my mother, we made them out of her grape vines. She too was very crafty. Thank you for sharing your creative talent.

  7. Gorgeous cards, Bobbie Sue! I am just stunned by your first card! I had struggled with using that kit, but you just knocked down all my barriers when you combined it with this sketch! And it’s perfect for all the folks still working away from home to support the rest us! And your use of complementary colors on the second card is striking!

  8. Beautiful! This hop was so much fun! You were my last stop...I've gotten so much inspiration...I feel some paint smooshing coming up in about 5 minutes! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  9. Beautiful work - this sketch is a keeper!

  10. Can I tell you something that has ZERO to do with your projects? ha
    YOU are a creator of GOOD ENERGY. and I watched your video today you posted (sending to your grandchildren) When you burst out laughing in that video... I cried.. .Because your laughter was SO contagious.... and it made me SO happy! I LOVE YOUR LAUGH!
    Ok - also... these cards are beyond fabulous - especially the choice of color - so vibrant just pops!
    Keep laughing, Bobbie Sue! x

  11. Your cards are like fireworks at the end of the show! Your splashes of color are perfect. They compliment each image in such an amazing away! So inspiring dear friend!

  12. Beautiful cards using this sketch.

  13. Like I always say you are the queen of spattering!! Such lovely cards Bobbie Sue!

  14. These are gorgeous Bobbie Sue! Your cards always inspire me! I love every single one of your creations!

  15. Such gorgeous cards, Bobbie Sue! The perfect sentiments to share some encouragement during these uncertain times!

  16. Great cards! I love the colors on both.I'll become a follower when I'm on my laptop.

  17. I love your background splatters with the image popped up. This is a great idea. "I am with you" stamp set is on my wish list!

  18. Beautiful card Bobbie Sue. I am supposed to be working, but this is way more fun!

  19. Love the beautiful florals and their ink smooshed backgrounds! The verse in the second card is a good one!!!❤️

  20. Your cards are so beautiful. You even make paint splatters look amazing.

  21. Love the backgrounds you made with the messy coloring. I have tried this a few times, but never seem to get it right. lol Your cards are both gorgeous (as always!). Happy Easter!!!

  22. I LOVE your smooshing splatter backgrounds! SO MUCH FUN!

  23. Love your cards and the colors that you chose! Thanks for the inspiration

  24. Just gorgeous cards, my friend! Graciellie is one of my favs and you did them beautifully! Great vibrant colors, love your splatters, and the perfect sentiments for these unprecedented times. Be healthy and safe. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Ack!! Goegeous cards bobbie Sue! Oh my word!
    I love Unity's sentiment kits too. I only have a few, but they are well used!
    You make me want to do more flower cards!
    The paint splatters!! WOW! You couldn't have placed them any better!!
    I love the heart card, but the vibrant fuchsia behind that blue just pops off the card!

  26. Beautiful cards Bobbi Sue. I have the second set of stamps and have used some of the sentiments, I agree we should all have it in our collection. I might just copy you and start buying all the sentiments. It's a great idea.

  27. I love love the smoothed backgrounds!!! Beautiful!!

  28. Beautiful cards! I am ready to try some ink smooshing! Thanks for your encouraging words. He is our hope!

    Linda Abel

  29. Love your cards- so pretty and both so encouraging! Love the smoosh and splatter effects on the background too! And, love the stamps you have used!

  30. Your smooshed and splattered backgrounds add such a great artsy slant to your gorgeous floral designs, and that sentiment is inspiring during these troubled times.

  31. As always, these cards are amazing as is your witness. Thank you for always leading us back to the true source of peace and security...the Lord Jesus Christ.

  32. Pretty wreath and floral designs! Love your cards!

  33. These cards are beautiful and I love the splashes of color! The sentiments you used are uplifting and inspiring.

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