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Friends of Unity November Blog Hop ~ Watercolor

 Hello, Friends! 

Welcome to November and welcome to our FOU monthly blog hop!

This months cue is a FAVORITE of mine! All about Watercolor!! 

*****AttnThere will be a lot of text in this post as I will share in detail about my own watercoloring processes, papers and mediums used, and tips & tricks. Hope you will take the time to take it all in and read to the end ;). If you do, (and I hope you do) please express in the comments. ;) I plan to choose an extra winner for your efforts!

Many of these cards you have seen in the past. They are perfect for illustrating my explanation of various papers and mediums!

When I first started to explore watercolor I wanted to give up so many times. I just could not get the hang of it!! I am so thankful that I kept practicing and watching other makers who's watercoloring I admired! There are many, but the two main influencers were Angie Blom and Gracie Chavez.

If you are just learning and frustrated; can I please encourage you to keep trying! Keep practicing! Keep messing up, but don't give up! I PROMISE your perseverance will pay off!

Keep in mind, you can learn alot from someones technique even if they do not post videos of their process. I studied Angie's cards and Gracie's videos. I learned so much from both!

I transitioned from pretty clean and simple to loose and somewhat messy and I love it. I make lots of mistakes, but the beauty of watercoloring is you can usually cover or fix a mistake by adding or taking away ink. I don't try a lot of techniques because I discovered what I most enjoy.

I, personally, use 4 specific types of paper for watercoloring; Canson XL, Fabriano Hot Press, Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover 100 lb and Bristol Smooth.  The two I use the most are Canson XL and Fabriano. The 2 coloring mediums I use are brick pan sets (my favorite is Prima Marketing) and Watercolor Brush Pens ie Zig Kuretake, Stampin Write, and Karin BrushMarkers Pro.

Canson XL works so well with all the mediums I use. Whether applied directly to the paper or from my glass mat. The ONLY issue I have with Canson XL is that it is a very off white. I, typically, only use a white card base and prefer a white panel, as well. 

Here are a few cards I made using Canson XL with the various mediums I like to use.

This card I made for this weeks Brown Thursday mega release using Prima watercolors on Canson XL. Oh, how I love this Petals and Wings Ledger

I predict this to be a best seller! Agree??!!

On this Balloon Party Background, made a couple years ago, I used a Prima pan set on Canxon XL. See on the green balloon? I had too much water on my brush and it pooled the ink. I still love how this card turned out!

On this sunflower cluster from Sending Love and Prayers I used my Zig Kuretake Markers both directly to the Canson XL paper and from my glass mat.

See the small grooves in the Canson XL watercolor paper below? It makes for great contrast. Also, notice the off white tint the paper has. (as mentioned above) I always make my card panel smaller than my card base and do wish the whites were the same tint. This wc paper is best for overall fluidity with your inks and a favorite of many watercolorists.

On this adorable Santa Pup (Feliz Navidog)  I used Karin markers both from my mat and directly to the paper. The ink moved beautifully!

Let's look at some cards using Fabriano Hot Press. This paper works so well with Karin Brushmarkers.

This Newsprint floral uses Karin on Fabriano. I applied the ink both directly to the paper and from my glass mat.  You do have to move quickly before the ink sets in leaving you a rough line at your blending point. Especially when applying the ink directly to the paper. Sometimes I add water to the paper first, but most often I add ink and then my slightly wet brush.

Karin Markers definitely have a learning curve. I find they work best for me in smaller areas when applying directly to the paper. If I am coloring a larger area I apply ink to my mat first. Natasha Vacca is excellent with Karin markers. She gave me the tip of using them with Fabriano!

On this card using Magical Lilac I applied Karin's directly to paper because the coloring areas were small. Love the vibrant blue here!

The next two cards were created using Prima pan sets on Fabriano.

These handsome men below were stamped on Hammermill 100lb premium color copy paper. It has somewhat of a silky feel to it unlike traditional copy paper. I am still learning how to use this paper as it is tricky until you learn how to apply the ink and move your brush. I start very light and gradually darken. 

With this paper I typically apply my ink to my mat first, unless I want a deep defined area, as this paper absorbs pretty quickly. Definitely the hardest for me to learn to use, but I love this finished look of ink to this paper and it is cost effective. I am finding myself starting to use this paper more and more. This is the paper Angie Blom uses for most all of her cards!

Here's another card I made just this week using one of my Prima pan sets on Hammermill. I am not entirely happy with my watercoloring on this one and the lighting was terrible when photographing. I still love the card and wanted to share! 

Again, for me, this paper has the biggest learning curve! Oh how I admire Angie's ability to use it!

If you happen to buy this paper, remember it must be Hammermill 100lb Premium Color Copy. Basic Hammermill paper will not work. ;)

I am not sure why, but I use Bristol Smooth the least. This card with Oh, Dear Pooh uses Zig Kuretake both directly on the paper and from the glass mat. I do love the look of the loose watercoloring on this card! This loose somewhat messy style of coloring is my favorite where I feel the most free to create!

Below is another card I made this week using Winter Awaits by Graciellie Design with Karin BrushMarkers on Bristol Smooth. Both directly on the paper and from my glass mat. (The sentiment is a new Itty Bitty called Look Forward Trust God)

Bristol Smooth is very similar to Fabriano. Bristol is less expensive, but I do feel Fabriano is just a bit smoother allowing for better flow of the ink. 

Sometimes I like the edge of my ink to look smooth and blended out and sometimes I like it to look, well, edgy! ;)

Pretty sure this will also be a best seller!

You're still here!?! Yay!! 

Thank you so much for sticking with me to the end!! I sure hope you were able to make sense of the explanation of MY own PERSONAL watercolor style.

I know this was a load of information, but I pray you find it useful and insightful!

I'm not sure if I have a favorite paper and medium as all the ones I shared with you offer me a different creative form and result. It is interesting learning how your brush moves with different inks and papers. 

If I can leave you with any advice it is to define your own style! This will bring you the most joy!

I hope you’ll  join our cue and create with "Watercolor"! Please, TAG ME if you do. I would truly love to see it!

My hope is that you read through the entire blog. Makes my heart so happy thinking you do!

As always~

Thanks for spending time with me today!

It brings me so much joy sharing my thoughts and creations with all of you!

Until next time~

Be blessed, friends!

Bobbie Sue

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