Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hashtag ! Say what?!

I must admit. When I first started out in the semi-professional world of crafting I was confused by all these hashtags I was seeing everywhere. Just like you, I thought it was silly. Until that is, I discovered this little symbol is a very powerful networking tool! It is quite possibly the most powerful tool used to give your post the broadest audience.
So, if you are skeptical of the use of this silly little icon; read on. You know the one. The one regularly used on your phone that you press to get to the proper department (as you most patiently wait on hold). It's most referred to as the number sign, the pound sign. And now as the hash.
 I can't tell you how many comments I've read over the years regarding this little symbol. Comments from making fun of it's use as a hashtag to some actually being angered by its use. When I discovered why it was so widely used a little light bulb went off and I was quite impressed by whom ever thought of this clever way to collectively tag common interests!
Many of you know why this symbol is so widely use, but for those of you are as confused as I once was~
Here is what I have learned, within the crafting community,
regarding the use of the infamous #.
(read below)
As part of the community of crafters, we desire to reach as many as we can with our creations. When you use a tag line in your post you are then allowing every single person associated with or subscribed to that tagline to come in contact with your specific post. I highlight the most popular subjects from my posts by attaching the # to the beginning of my tagline. 
For example; in IG I will make a hashtag of companies whos products I've used, or specific highlights from the subject of my post and every person who has used that exact tagline, or subscribed to that tagline, will now have the opportunity to see my creation amongst the masses.
There are popular taglines that are used regularly. In my opinion, it is important to know which ones. (You'll become familiar with the best ones to use) For example; as a card maker I use the tagline #cardmaker in my post and now my card is a part of this hashtag and anyone who follows or subscribes to this hashtag will see my card. Allowing them to then click on my card which will lead them to my profile. Tada! Mission accomplished! Our hope is that they will want to subscribe to our social media page(s) and be inspired by our creations!

It's so much more than just networking, friends! When I had my older grandsons this summer I used the hashtag #knksummerchronicles on every post regarding them on my Facebook. Now I can go back and hit on that tagline and reminisce with every post about my precious boys!

Earlier I mentioned "associated with or subscribed to". On IG when a tagline ie hashtag has been created it is now open to being subscribed to or "followed". As seen in the photo below. I will follow a hashtag that interests me. Now posts using that specific tagline are part of my feed that I scroll through. You can also click the hashtag to view all related posts. It looks similar to profiles you follow. I often do this when looking for inspiration, or just to simply admire the creations.
I also  mentioned  "exact tagline" because if you alter the tagline in the slightest it becomes a brand-new hashtag. For example; I often us the hashtag #createdtocreate and every post I have ever attached to this tagline now falls under that specific hashtag. If I were to misspell, or deviate by even one letter from the tagline, my post will not fall under this specific hashtag. You can see in the photo below that over 1 million people have used the #stamping tagline. By using this tagline I am allowing my card and/or creation (that I so proudly want to share) be seen by a huge audience! For this very reason, you see some with a long list of #hashtags included in their post.
See, it isn't silly after all! It genius really!

Friends, I am a novice at best. Both as a blogger and as creator in the paper crafting community.  I wanted to write this blog post because I know there are many who are confused by this subject. As one who has been poked fun at for using hashtags, I wanted to (perhaps) educate those who view it as silly, as well as, the many who would benefit from the use of # as a networking tool. 
I do hope you found this helpful!
Forgive any grammar mistakes you may find.
  I am always open to constructive criticism or correction.
Just please know, I write my blogs for complete enjoyment and do not stress over possible
mistakes within the layout of my post.
As always~
Thanks for spending time with me today!
Until next time~
Be blessed, friends!
Bobbie Sue

Friday, August 24, 2018

Be brave!

I knew I wanted to use the lion from this set as soon as it arrived in my mailbox today. I had originally wanted to make a very CAS (clean & simple) card, but I tell ya that lion was adamant on having a shabby fun look! Of course, I obliged. After all, he is the star of the card.

I came across this line of stamps by the ever so gifted Tracey Heys. Creator and illustrator of Alpaca Pals. They are based in the UK. The shipping is extremely reasonable and collection fantastic!  I encourage you to visit her photopolymer collection at @ . (Not an affiliate link) Find her on FB and IG for some amazing examples of cards made with her line!

Notice the button styled brad? I think it may be my favorite addition to the card!
I actually water colored him on paper that was not watercolor specific. I knew it would add some bend to the card panel which is what I was hoping for! I thought distressing the sides would add a another special dimension to the card! I believe it has! What do you think?

For some reason the photo on my blog isn't near as clear as it is on my IG and FB. I feel like you can see the details of the coloring better on IG & FB. Go have a peak and tell me what you think.

I stamped him in Gina K's amalgam ink so that I could water color without a bleed and then stamped him twice more with TH's distress ink in Vintage Photo to bring out all the beautiful detail of the image.  Next time I may stamp him only once more. There are some fabulous little words of affirmation delicately placed in his mane that are hard to see as a result of my double stamping
with the VP.

The recipient of this card is currently fighting & beating cancer.
Bravely I might add!
So, I thought this card would certainly fit her perfectly!
I love the message "be brave" coupled with the small cross, offers. Our strength surely 
comes from Jesus and I am so grateful that His strength can be our very own.

 As always~
Thanks for spending time with me today!

Until next time~

Be blessed, friends!

Bobbie Sue

Thursday, August 23, 2018

100 Days

I am truly enjoying the 100 Days of Bible Promises. Not only does it draw you close to Jesus and His Word, it is a wonderful way to really express your faith based artistry! There is no right or wrong way to journal and/or artistically express yourself amongst the pages. That's what is so great about free flowing art journaling!  You're free to go as far as your imagination can take you!
(Visit to purchase a copy. I am in no way affiliated. 😊)
This mornings journaling lead me to such a beautiful and promising scripture.
 Isaiah 26:3 "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because
they trust you." 
I am so thankful for the promise of peace if only I keep my mind on Him. My circumstance may not change, but oh how my heart and mind are given such a peace.
Here are the supplies I used.
I used some of my absolute favorite crafting tools during this mornings creation!
The sunrays stencil by Tim Holtz is my most favorite of all my stencils! I have used this stencil in so many different facets of crafting! I purchased mine last year from, but I do know there are many online crafting supply stores that carry it.
The Tim Holtz stencil brushes are an absolute must have in your crafty supplies! As much as I love my distress pads, the stencil brushes allow a whole new design to applying your inks! Especially through stenciling!
Of course I used my absolute favorite inks! Distress Inks, also by Tim Holtz.
Notice the adorable little circle I stamped and wrote scripture in? It has become a favorite of mine, as well! It is from a stamp set by Illustrated Faith that I purchased through Dayspring.
I absolutely love it!
The heart stencil is one I made from cardstock with my Cricut. (which I sold last year to purchase my scan n cut, ~ I miss it, yes, but I love my SnC)
I use this stencil over and over, and will continue to use I until it falls apart! I love it!
I've actually made many of my cardstock stencils with the negatives left from die cutting!
I hope you are able to spend some time in your craft space today!
Would love to see what you create!
Share with me on my crafting FB page @ Two38 Creations
or on IG @ bobbiesue.two38creations
Thanks for spending time with me today!
Until next time~
Be blessed, friends!
 Bobbie Sue

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Yellow is such a happy color!

I absolutely enjoyed creating this card. Confession! The washi decorated card base was one that I had originally discarded a few months ago, but dug from the trash to set aside in hopes for inspiration! The inspiration came when working on this card and I wanted a colorful and striped base for a background. It worked perfectly!
The white panel is cut from a wonky stitch die I bought at Gina Marie Designs. She has a fabulous selection at such fantastic prices! I encourage you to check her website out! Tell her Bobbie Sue with Two38 Creations sent you!😉
 I love the simplicity of creating the top panel. It makes for such a beautiful card face. I taped off the sections (frog tape keeps the paper from ripping once removed). I brushed a good amount of clean water to the exposed spaces before applying my new (and gorgeous) Altenew watercolors. Next time I'm  hoping to really perfect the gradual color effects!
The words are from 2 separate stamp sets by Unity stamp company.  (I encourage you to check them out as well. So many choices of the most amazing and deeply etched red rubber stamps I have ever used! Again, please tell them I sent you!)  The "you are so" is from the sentiment set titled ~ there is no reason.  I simply masked off the words that I did not want stamped in order to lay out the sentiment I was going for.  The word "loved" is from a Donna Downey word set titled ~ adore. I stamped and then cut out with my scan n cut. (I am a disastrous fussy cutter.😄)  I loved the use of the loosely placed black thread and the small wooden hearts.  They completed my card in such a beautiful way.
There's something about a zoomed side view of a card that I just adore. I love the detail it highlights. Those splatters! They make me as happy as the yellow does!
Thank you for spending time with me today!

Until next time~
Be Blessed, friends!
Bobbie Sue