Saturday, August 5, 2023

Friends of Unity Blog Hop August 2023 ~ Angie Girls 10th Anniversary!

Hello, friends! Welcome to our August 23 Blog Hop with everyone's favorite line of stamps, Angie Girls!

Did you know Angie started creating Angie Girls 10 years ago!?! Wow. I know we all thank her!

We all love and adore the Angie Girls! I chose 2 of my absolute favorites to work with. I think they look kinda like me. ;) Angie Girls as so relatable!!

My first cared uses the wonderfully unique Beatrix Girl. Her awesome outfit is so my style here on the farm! 

I used a sentiment from a Graciellie Design set called Difficult Roads so that I could send my sister, Leisha, inspiration and encouragement as she'll be in the hospital for months trying to heal from a plethora of issues.

This next card uses the beautifully artistic, Peyton Girl. I adore this girl! I imagine many of us can relate to her. 

I think I may also send this card to my sister, Leisha as she will love that this Girl is an artist. My sister truly does inspire me always smiling and trusting God's plan even in the midst of the hardest season of her life. Such a testament to her faith and His strength!

Both cards were stamped and watercolored on Hammermill Premium Color Copy 100lb. This is the same paper Angie B uses, and we all know how amazing her creations are. (I think our talented April S also uses it often) 

I was so intimidated by it at first as it has quite a learning curve, but have grown to love how the painting looks on this paper. It is also a great price point and a whiter finish! 

As always, I would love to know which card is your favorite!

 I hope you’ll  join our Angie Girl cue and create some new cards to share in Unity Show & Tell! Please, TAG ME if you do. I would truly love to see them!!

My hope is that you read through the entire blog. Makes my heart so happy thinking you do!

As always~

Thanks for spending time with me today!

It brings me so much joy sharing my thoughts and creations with all of you!

Until next time~

Be blessed, friends!

Bobbie Sue

I hope you have a chance to visit each blog and leave a little (or a lot of :) love along the way . I know they are all equally as wonderful and unique!  

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This months winners will be announced during next months blog hop!!
(I have a feeling you will comment anyway as a way of support and admiration to the artists.) 

Speaking of winners! The winner from my June (I missed July) Blog is:

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for visiting our hop and leaving such a kind comment. Please, claim BEFORE next months hop. Message me here so I can get your winnings to you!

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Friends, please know that our hops are not sponsored. 
(Although, I know Unity Stamp Co. lovingly approves) Because your support is so valuable and so appreciated, prizes are given from the creators own private stash of Unity stamps.

The hop started with the amazingly talented

Next up is my wonderful friend

There are of us hopping this month! Be sure to go back to any you may have missed as we ask you to give love to each blog to be included in the giveaway. :)

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine toward you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His face toward you and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

Forgive any grammar mistakes you may find. However, I am always open to friendly and constructive criticism or correction. Please know, I write my blog out of absolute enjoyment and do not stress overlooked errors. Thank you, friends!


  1. Beautiful cards, Bobbie Sue! I love your choice of Angie Girls and the lovely cards you created with them!

  2. Such lovely cards
    and I like the first
    Carla from Arizona

  3. Great choices, the first one is my favourite

  4. Wowza, these are both just sooo pretty and your coloring always amazes me. Your sister will simply adore them - and how could anyone pick a favorite?! Not me! lol

  5. Gorgeous Angie Girls! I love your coloring!

  6. Peyton is a favorite for sure but I love both of your cards you've lovingly made for your sister!

  7. Both cards have your talented and amazing watercolor style. I love it! I like the faceless Angie Girl style as I believe this allows each girl to be used on any number of themes since she could be happy, sad, in deep thought or many other moods. Hugs to your sister!

  8. Both are unbelievably beautiful, your coloring is fabulous. Two stunning g cards to encourage your sister, what a loving sister you are!

  9. Both cards are fabulous! Your sister will love them.

  10. Both are simply beautiful! I love your style. Many blessings to you & healing thoughts to your sister.

  11. Great cards! You did well on both cards, but I love Peyton Girl the best. The flowers take the attention off the yellow.

  12. Both of your cards are beautiful... I can't pick a favorite. I often CASE yiur. Cards because I absolutely love your style and your beautiful watercoloring!

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  14. Wonderful cards and perfect for your sister. My fave is the first one.

  15. Your cards are always so beautiful! You always have the perfect color combinations.

  16. I can identify your beautiful work a mile away. Of note I still cherish my angie card you sent to me many years ago which was "unique...and wonderfully....beautifully..... made".

  17. I kept going back and forth trying to pick a favorite and I just can’t! Your sisters will love your cards. I admire your work and your positive sentiments used!

    Linda Abel

  18. Pretty cards with these lovely Angie Girl designs!

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