Friday, November 16, 2018

Can you believe?!

Hello, friends!
Can you believe these cards are made from digital images!? I didn't even know about making a card from a printable image until I had already been making cards for a couple years. Also, I had no idea how to use them up until 1 month ago! I've still so much to learn, but I have been loving designing cards with these digital images from Polka Dot Orchard! (<~Click to go directly to site). Although I am on the design team, I do not make any type of commission from PDO. I just love her designs and encourage you to visit her website and Etsy store!
This card was the first I had ever made with digital stamps. I adore it! Images aren't near as clear on the blog as they are on my social media accounts. Links to my IG and FB found under my blog name description. I would love for you to visit me there!  :)
This card is made with the digital stamp set called Sketchy Pumpkin Spice. There are several adorable images with this set. You can never go wrong adding washi to a card! ;) Right?!
 How adorable is the coffee cup with a scarf!! I'm loving it. Just wait until you see the heart also wearing a scarf! Oh my word. So adorable.
This is the card that ALMOST didn't get made as the main portion of it went in the trash bin! See the cup and scarf. It was beautifully colored very smooth, crisp and clean. That is until I dropped it in my pool of water I was using as my wash. Hard to tell in this photo, but it smeared it something fierce! I honestly didn't want to color another one so I resorted to retrieving him from the trash bin and reluctantly used him anyway. Looking at it now, I think it worked out quite well! As a matter of fact, when I showed the designer the finished card she said she would never have known it was a mistake if I hadn't told her! I say that day... I won. ;)
Oh friends, these flowers. I know you are going to want them! I am in love with them! They are from the You are Everything Flower and Butterfly set. There are so many beautiful images with this set. You must go see them!

I would love to see what you  make with these digital sets! Feel free to tag me in your creations.
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Be blessed, friends!

Bobbie Sue
Forgive any grammar mistakes you may find. However, I am always open to friendly and constructive criticism or correction. Please know, I write my blog out of absolute enjoyment and do not stress over possible minor errors within the layout. I appreciate you, friends!

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